the organizer

renovations expert

In 2009 Mara, creator of the To Marouli brand, and Francesco made the big step and realized the dream to live in Rhodes.
Their first business was a charming little B&B in the Old Town, were they challenge themselves and started a reality that soon became an excellence in the Old Town.
In 2016 Giulia joined the team, giving it the asset that still goes on today.
At the end of 2020 the brand Attiki moved from the location where was hosted and the second part of our journey begun.
We work as a team and our commitment is to put our skills together to please our guests  and help them get the most from their stay.
Giulia is the organization chief and takes care of logistics. She loves sitting with guests and help them plan their vacation, tailoring a difference experience for each person.
Francesco loves buildings more than anything else in the world and he shows his passion in every detail.  He and his talented hands personally renovated all the houses with care and love, with special attention to comfort and practical solution.
The decision to move from a B&B to house rental was an idea of our most affectionate guests, who express the desire to feel Rhodes ever more “home”.

We hope to make you happy…once again!
Thank you
Giulia and Francesco